Is Mobile App A Necessity? Determining If Your Business Needs To Go Mobile

by zed_blog_admin | Sep 4, 2018 | Uncategorized

With the Google Play store home to 3.5 million apps and the App Store home to over 2.2 million, it seems like every business has a mobile app.Even your next door Pizza shop might have one!

So the urge for even small businesses to have one is quite understandable. It could certainly be helpful in gaining more customers and increasing the brand’s reach to a great extent.

But is it always necessary to be a part of the rat race? Have you analyzed whether your business actually needs a mobile app?

Discussed here are some factors that you should take into consideration before becoming a member of the app fever:

Is Your Website Optimized For Mobile? 
Before you consider developing a mobile app, it’s a good idea to see how your website performs on mobile devices. A mobile website serves as a lucrative option and serves two purposes: website and mobile app.
With a responsive web design, you can greatly improve user experience while eliminating the need for a mobile app. So consider upgrading your website before you devote your attention to developing a mobile app.

Do Your Competitors Have A Mobile App?
Irrespective of the size or type of business, competitors are present everywhere. Check whether your competitors have a mobile app; if so, check out the statistics available from the relevant app stores. The number of downloads and user reviews will give you a valuable insight into how your competitor’s app is being received by consumers; helping you in acting accordingly. Don’t let your business suffer due to comparison.

Take A Look At Your Business Goals
Determine what you want to achieve by building an app: generate revenue, increase productivity, offer customer loyalty program, improve brand awareness or reduce costs. Depending on your goals, depends the need for an app. Though, one thing is for sure, that having a mobile app can help in strengthening your brand’s identity, drive leads and revenues at the same time.

Do Customers Reach You Frequently?
Several customers return to your website frequently and interact with you multiple times a day. Thus they prefer an easy way to use your product or service. If this is the case, a mobile app is certain to reduce the friction between contacting you and assist you in interacting with your customers at a deeper level.

Do You Rely Heavily On Branding?
If you are inclined towards branding, then, an app might be just perfect for you. When your customers download the app, your logo is certain to be on their home screens constantly, thus, serving as a reminder to visit you every now and then.
Final Thoughts
If your answer to these questions is positive, then it might be the time to develop an app. But just building an app might not be enough.
So before you make the big leap, take into consideration these factors to skew the results and take an action.