PrestaShop V1.7 – It’s new, It’s Better

by zed_blog_admin | May 9, 2017 | prestashop versions

An overview
PrestaShop, an open-source ecommerce shopping platform has been a hit among the online merchants looking for a powerful yet easy to manage shopping cart software solution. PrestaShop in this web 2.0 era powers more than 250,000 stores is an all-in-one package for your online store. Structured on PHP, it has established itself as a quick and lightweight solution that is easy to download and easier to install. With innovation and excellence at its core, it has been adopted by all kinds of enterprises. To install this you need to meet a few requirements, these include:

  • Apache web server 1.3
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 5
  • Linux/Unix

PrestaShop can easily handle a large number of orders and being a reliable and flexible solution it can really help your business grow tremendously. Lately, it has been turning heads with its latest release – version 1.7 that offer over the top functions and features for your online store.

PrestShop 1.7 – What’s New
PrestaShop version 1.7 comes with a host of new features that offers to make your shopping cart solution better than the earlier versions. Some of its features include:

Product Page
The product addition page has been completely revamped to made the process quick and easier for the merchants. The interface has been redesigned with a host of features such as quick actions, shortcuts and auto management for combinations to make the product management process easier.

A completely new module page has been integrated to help manage your modules on day to day basis. The page has been loaded with tabs to allow easy switching between 3 sections. Admin can now conveniently navigate amongst modules with tabs labelled – pending actions, installed modules and list of modules that can improve your store.

Back office Navigation
The back-end of the store has also been upgraded with an improved navigation for an intuitive UI/UX experience. The navigation menu has also been reorganised for better accessibility. It now houses 3 big titles – Sell, Improve and Configure.

Default Theme
Version 1.7 now includes a default theme to help you set up your store quickly. Named “classic” the theme offers a great viewability and user engagement. Further, the product sheet has also been revamped and the checkout process has also been completely overhauled for an improved shopping experience for the customers.

Besides the aforementioned features, PrestaShop version 1.7 has also been loaded with the following additional features:

Parent/Child Themes
Now you can create a child theme, this will allow the designers and developers to modify a theme without concerning about the main theme being getting affected or work being lost. This will also keep the theme and other data safe during an update.

Starter Theme
Completely independent of any custom style or markups, designers and front-end developers can easily build stunning templates.

The shopping cart platform has been integrated with the popular and strong Symfony framework, lending the platform with ecommerce specifics.

As exciting these features may seem, the version 1.7 promises to do more and in a better way. So, go ahead update your store to the latest version or migrate your store to this vibrant shopping cart solution.